iThermowood Shutters

Fashion for windows

Shutters have become the fashionable window covering the world over and represent the fastest growing sector of this market in Europe and the USA. Thermowood Shutters can withstand extremes of hot and cold, of dry and damp, and are therefore eminently suited to South African conditions.

Thermowood is durable substitute for scarce hardwoods and does not require the on- going maintenance associated with wood products. It is manufactured entirely from a specially engineered, extruded PVC and is completely impervious to moisture, is fire resistant and easy to clean. Thermowood offers excellent control of light noise and temperature. The shutters can be fitted inside windows or sliding doors, and can also be used to create an extra room on a stoep or patio.

Thermowood, a world class product, offers a practical and elegant finishing touch to your décor.

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